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Bank bashing
It has become a national pastime but we only hear about the high profile problems, such as the Commonwealth Bank financial advisory fiasco. But what about the pain which is regularly inflicted by banks on so many of us? Tell us your story.

Considering the incredible profitability of the banks (the combined annual profit of Westpac, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank and NAB is more than $1,000 per person for every man woman and child in Australia) you’d think they could do better.

Problems such as the one in “Complaints in focus” below make my blood boil, particularly because I was the one who had my fingers burnt. But perhaps I should thank the ANZ for burning me because it was the final straw which motivated me to set up BuyersVoice.  

Do you have a bank problem you want to get off your chest. Leave a comment below or, preferably, submit a complaint.

Russell Wheeler
CEO and Consumer Advocate
Complaint in focus

I take on directorships of overseas companies wanting to do business in Australia. As part of this, I often set up bank accounts with Westpac. But one client of my law firm was adamant that he wanted to set up an account with the ANZ and it needed to be done urgently. Because so much money was going into the account, ANZ told me they would provide a special streamlined service to get it done quickly. I can do this with Westpac within one day but the ANZ was so incompetent, even dealing with supposedly senior people, that it took 1 month before they told me they could not do it! Therefore, my client refused to pay for all the time which was spent relating to this which was several thousand dollars. ANZ made a totally inadequate offer of compensation and then the person handling my complaint at ANZ refused to respond to my emails or phone calls. This just added the insult of rudeness to the injury of losing money.

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