Building and Renovating

Why so many problems?
There are good and bad eggs in all industries, but the building industry seems to have a disproportionate share. Why is it so?

Sometimes it is just incompetence or lack of knowledge. Other times it is a blatant rip-off. There is an example of each below.

But it would be good to hear your stories and why you think the building industry is so rife with problems and complaints. Let us know if you had your fingers burnt when renovating or building? I certainly have, despite being a lawyer. In fact, when I insisted that one builder finish the job he agreed to do (in writing), he threatened to come back and bomb my house! I wasn't very popular with my wife for some time!
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Russell Wheeler 
CEO and Consumer Advocate
Complaints in focus
Lack of knowledge
Bill the builder’s lack of knowledge didn't stop him giving the wrong advice (very confidently!)  Quite simply, he said that no mechanical excavator could fit through a gap which was about the width of a door. As a result, he and his crew spent many weeks drilling sandstone with a pneumatic drill. The owners of the house subsequently found out that a mini excavator would have fitted through the door and would have saved them $17,000!

Rubbish removal rip-off
Bill’s sidekick was removing the sandstone rubble at a price per load plus tipping fees. When the owners found out that he was also charging his time in addition to the price per load, they requested receipts for the tipping fees (which were not forthcoming) and found that the truck which he said held 4m³ held less than 3 m³. He disappeared! 
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