Problems with plumbers

Plumbers. A bit rich?
Have you had a bad experience with a plumber, electrician, or another type of tradesman? 

Time and time again, I have shaken my head in disbelief when tradesmen have done shoddy work and expect to get away with it. A builder once put a wall in the wrong place at my home. When I arrived home from work and pointed it out, he simply said "It works OK there". Even if it did, that's not what I asked for. We had an argument before he moved it.

But I seem to have more problems with plumbers than other trades. Is it just me?

Below is a summary of one of the complaints we have received at BuyersVoice about plumbers. Let's hear yours – either in the comments section below or submit a complaint.

Russell Wheeler
CEO and Consumer Advocate

Complaint in focus

1 Hour Plumbing
No wonder there are stories of lawyers becoming plumbers to make more money! One Hour Plumbing did not bother telling me until they arrived at my home that they charged $220 per person per hour – excluding GST! It was urgent so I had no choice but to proceed.
For that sort of price you would expect that the quality of the workmanship would be excellent, but it was 2nd rate. They connected a tap/sink in such a way that the flow of water was not much more than a trickle. The vanity disconnected from the wall within a matter of days and then a foul smell permeated the house. It turned out that they had installed a U-bend incorrectly! All this for $220 plus GST per hour! What a bargain!


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