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Social media can burn you in more ways than one
We’ve all heard the stories of people applying for jobs to find their social media history has cost them any chance of getting the job they wanted. And recently there has been a lot of publicity about the dating/romance scam where social media fraudsters steal their victims’ hearts before they steal their money – Scams: How to identify and avoid.
But not so many people are aware that social media can result in significant legal liability which you may have no control over. This is covered in a short article The risks of saying too much on social media.
I have to come clean – this is a self-serving article because we are trying to encourage people to complain using BuyersVoice, where you are protected, instead of using social media. Even if you are aware of what you can and can’t say to avoid personal legal liability, using social media takes away a significant part of your bargaining power if you want to have your complaint resolved.

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Russell Wheeler
CEO and Consumer Advocate

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