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Whitegoods – the number 1 complaint
Grouped together with electronic products, there are more complaints made to fair trading departments throughout Australia about whitegoods than anything else.

I must be lucky because I have had very few problems with whitegoods. In fact, I've still got the Westinghouse bar fridge I bought 20 years ago!

But not everyone is so lucky, such as the lady who bought a Fisher and Paykel front loader washing machine (featured in the complaint below). As you will see, they replaced the first one free of charge, but the replacement has the same problem.

What tends to happen is that people give up. Sometimes because they are not aware of their rights but a lot of the time it's just too much trouble so they don't pursue their complaint.

Companies rely on this which is why BuyersVoice needs your help. Let us know about any problems you've had with whitegoods so we can alert other people. Leave a comment below or, preferably, submit a complaint. Or both!

Russell Wheeler 
CEO and Consumer Advocate
Complaint focus
Fisher and Paykel
A brand new Fisher and Paykel washing machine model WH70F60WV1 didn't spin properly unless a valve was released every week causing water to pour out over the laundry floor. It was replaced but the new one still needs the valve to be released regularly – once every 3-4 weeks – and water still pours out over the laundry floor! 
Hisense Bar Fridge
The wine didn't seem to be particularly cold so the buyer tested the temperature in various parts of the wine fridge against the claims in the documentation. There was a significant difference so the fridge was replaced. The new fridge had exactly the same problem so the Hisense documentation was misleading. And the fridge leaks. 
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