Access to information

Businesses can get limited information about complaints without registering (go to QuickCheck).

However, you may need more detailed information. For example, it is estimated that 30% of online reviews are fake e.g. placed or paid for by a competitor to damage your business. In order to get the information you need to determine which complaints or reviews are fake, so they can be removed, you will need to register.

Alternatively, you may want contact details of people who have complained in order to resolve their complaint so that it can be removed. Or you may want detailed information for sales and marketing reasons or to improve the quality of a product or service e.g. you may want to find out why people consider a product or service to be of poor quality. Registration is also required for this.


Removal of complaints

There are 2 ways in which complaints can be removed – with the consent of the complainant or by demonstrating that a complaint is not genuine.

Registration (click Application above) is necessary for both purposes.


Reviews & responses

Registered businesses can submit customer or professional reviews of their own products and services. 

You may also want to post a response on the BuyersVoice website to complaints or reviews to present your side of the story. Either way, please click Application above.


Businesses can advertise on the Search Results page of any product or business.