How It Works

It does not matter how unfair the situation is, or how justified you are, if a business decides to be uncooperative you have little chance of getting a just and fair outcome unless you spend a lot of time or money, or both.

But it is a different story if there are other people in the same position and collective pressure can be brought to bear on the business. There is strength in numbers. That's where BuyersVoice comes in. 

This increases your power

When you Speak up! your voice is added to others who have had a problem with the same product or business. The business will be notified by BuyersVoice (or our lawyers) and the results made available for people to search, but not your name or contact details.

This results in a shift in power. Suddenly businesses which were uncooperative start listening. Why?

Before making a purchase, or deciding which business to use for a job or advice, people check to see if other people have had problems with that product or business – see QuickCheck below.

If there are complaints, people will go elsewhere. The business will lose sales and it will need to get the problems, including yours, resolved to re-establish their reputation.

The business will also need to improve the quality of their products or services to avoid future complaints and losing sales all over again.

Get the result you want and help others

Speaking up on BuyersVoice will not only help your cause, it will help other people as well.

So, it's a good thing to do (alerting other people to the problem) even if it doesn't matter to you whether the issue you speak up about is resolved or not. If it does matter, speaking up means you will have BuyersVoice on your side which will increase your chance of getting the result you want.  

An old problem? Now is your chance

You may have let the sun set on an old problem which was not resolved but BuyersVoice means it's never too late to do something about it, even if it's just to get it off your chest or warn others.

Depending upon the type of problem, between 58% and 96% of people don't do anything about a complaint because they think it isn't worth the effort, or don't pursue it because they know how difficult it is if a business does not do the right thing. So, even if you had forgotten about an old problem, you now have the opportunity through BuyersVoice to let other people know about it – with minimum effort.

If you give it a bit of thought, you will probably find you have at least one old concern that could help others if they knew about it. It only takes a couple of minutes to Speak up! 

Why is it often so difficult to get a genuine complaint sorted out?

Some businesses, especially those who don't rely on repeat business, are prepared to burn customers to save money because there are other potential customers around the corner who don't know about the problems or the [questionable] way they do business.

Even companies that would benefit from repeat business often make it difficult for people to resolve their concerns – the harder it is, the more likely it is that people are going to give up.

If you are determined, there are ways of getting justice. You can see a lawyer but the cost of doing this is usually prohibitive. You can fill in forms to make an application to a consumer claims tribunal and appear at a hearing but this is time-consuming and can be a harrowing experience.

For most people, it was easier to do nothing ... until BuyersVoice came along!

How QuickCheck works

QuickCheck enables you to find out very quickly how many people have had problems with the item or service you are thinking of buying, and the type of problems they have had.

The results on BuyersVoice are summarised for you so there's no need to trawl through other reviews on the web but, if you do, remember ... up to 30% of reviews are not genuine!

The web is littered with fake reviews. It is common practice for a business to pay someone to write a negative review to damage a competitor or a glowing review for their own product or service – for as little as $5 a pop!

When someone submits a complaint or writes a review for BuyersVoice, it is a condition that they disclose any association they may have with the business or a competitor, and whether they have been paid to do the review. If they don't tell the truth about this, they may face legal consequences.

But we don't rely on this. We have other ways of identifying complaints which are not genuine (which are removed) and reviews which are not independent (which are marked as "sponsored").